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    New Year's Message-Same Frequency Resonance Group Development Steadily Towards High Quality

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    Happy New Year!


    One dollar is renewed and Vientias is renewed. At this time, the old year is full of reluctant attachment to wave goodbye to us. We are bathed in the warm sunshine of winter, full of joy of harvest, and listening to the bell of the New Year together.

    On the occasion of the New Year's Day in 2022, Duan Huiqiang, chairman of Weifang Guanghua Aluminum Co., Ltd., together with all shareholders and employees, would like to extend New Year's greetings and sincere wishes to leaders at all levels, new and old customers at home and abroad and friends from all walks of life who have cared, supported and helped the company's growth and development for a long time!



    The old year has already shown a thousand highlights, and the new year will be another hundred feet. The new road to the exam is only when it is not finished, just as the bell of the New Year is always the horn to set off again.

    In 2022, let us shoulder the mission and responsibility entrusted by the new era, with a sense of responsibility that we dare to assume, a sense of mission that gives up others, join hands and work hard, based on a new starting point, seize new opportunities, meet new challenges, and build a new situation. Pattern, create a new situation, and show new atmosphere and new deeds in the new era and new journey.

    On the way forward, we will not be knocked down by problems or confused by different roads. Don't give up because of pressure, also don't slack off because of performance. Moving forward, it is a clear sky, waiting for the New Year, to create a brilliant success. May we resonate at the same frequency, develop together and steadily move towards high quality.



    In the new year, Weifang Guanghua Aluminum Co., Ltd. wishes everyone good health, family harmony, career success and all the best!


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