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    Weifang Guanghua Aluminum Co., Ltd. 2020 Quality Month Activity Launch Conference Held Successfull

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    Weifang Guanghua Aluminum Co., Ltd. 2020 Quality Month Activity Launch Conference Successfully Held

    On the morning of April 1, 2020, the launch meeting of Weifang Guanghua Aluminum Co., Ltd. 2020 Quality Month was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of the company. The meeting carried out a comprehensive mobilization and deployment of the company's 2020 quality month activities.

    Liu Yong, vice president of production of the company, made requirements for the problems that need to be controlled and improved in all production departments and processes during the quality month.

    Zhang Cuiping, vice president of the company, made a speech on the product quality month activity and made comprehensive requirements and emphasis on the work deployment of the company's production and quality inspection departments during the product quality month activity.

    Liu Hui, Minister of Quality Security of the Company, presided over the meeting and read out the "Implementation Plan and Plan for 2020 Quality Month Activities of Weifang Guanghua Aluminum Co., Ltd."

    In this special period of the epidemic, the company will continue to be in the product quality month."Do the details well, manage the personnel well, and refine the products"oriented,"Work sinks, ability improves again"To demand, to insist"Standard operation, as per chapter"For the principle throughout the activities; so that the company's quality management level, technical operation level, product quality standards continue to improve, promote the company's annual quality management work steadily improved, to achieve the company's high-quality development. Lay a solid foundation for the completion of sales and production tasks throughout the year.

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