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    Meet in Beautiful Spring I Happy "March 8th" Festival

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    I wish all women workers of Guanghua Aluminum a happy "March 8th" Festival!

    The work of the finished product warehouse requires them to often receive the wind and sun outdoors, but they are not afraid of hardship or tiredness,With high quality serviceProvide accurate figures for customers and hold the last pass for the company.

    The girls in the quality assurance department are lively, cheerful and optimistic. They play an important role in the overall operation of the company's quality. They fulfill their quality commitments.

    The packaging workshop is the clothing division of the products. The products are transported to the customers through their hands in neat coats. They treat every product in their hands with sincerity.

    The most beautiful smile

    You and I met in the beautiful spring

    They are hard-working, self-confident and self-reliant, and they draw the most beautiful blueprint with their own hands. Youth is beautiful because of struggle. Let's take advantage of the sunshine to do what we want to do together. May our smiles infect everyone around us, work and live happily.


    I wish all women workers of Guanghua Aluminum a happy "March 8th" Festival!

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