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    Weifang Guanghua Aluminum Co., Ltd. 2018 Annual Summary and Recognition Conference Held Ceremoniously

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    At 2: 00 p.m. on January 21, 2019, Weifang Guanghua Aluminum Co., Ltd. held a grand 2018 annual summary commendation meeting.

    At 2: 00 p.m. on January 21, 2019, Weifang Guanghua Aluminum Co., Ltd. held a grand 2018 annual summary commendation meeting.The conference is divided into three stages. In the first stage, the advanced collectives and individuals in 2018 will be commended and rewarded. In the second stage, Duan Huiqiang, chairman and general manager of the company, will make an annual work report. In the third stage, the annual meeting on the theme of "New Era, New Guanghua and New Leap" will be held.

    Duan Huiqiang, chairman and general manager of the company, pointed out in the report,In the process of enterprise development, we should win the initiative, win the advantage and win the future.

    1,Innovation-driven, dry in practice, to promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

    2、Improve employees' sense of gain and honor, and let employees find the feeling of "home" in the company.

    3. Fulfill social responsibilities, actively participate in charity and charity activities, and continue to strictly observe the "two high-voltage lines" of safety and environmental protection ".

    4, energy saving, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and achieve results.

    In the new 2019, facing the downward pressure of the economy, we must be fully prepared to deal with difficulties and challenges, and strive to grasp the new trend of the new era. In accordance with the new requirements for achieving high-quality development, the company will comply with the development trend of large-scale, high-precision and complex aluminum products, implement equipment upgrading and process optimization, and accelerate the transformation of products to the high-end of the value chain such as medium and high-grade construction aluminum, industrial aluminum and decorative aluminum, To release the internal development potential, promote the transformation of enterprise kinetic energy and push the development of enterprises to a higher level.

    Pan Xuefu, executive vice president of the company, read out the "Decision on Commending Advanced Collectives and Advanced Individuals in 2018" and presented awards to advanced collectives and individuals.

    Outstanding Contribution Award-Xia Zhiqiang

    Outstanding Executive-Li Jian

    Innovation of the Year-Zhao Wenlong

       SecurityProduction pacesetters-Guo Liang and Li Feng Jiao

    Production of energy-saving pacesetters-Lu Wentao, Cong Weizhi

    Outstanding Middle-Chen Li, Duan Huiqin, Wang Qinghu, Liu Aihua, Ma Jing

    Outstanding squad leaders-Xia Tingyang, Ren Qingguo, Yu Xitao, Yu Zhichao, Zhang Haiyou, Xia Luqin, He Yuqing

    Outstanding Employees-Yu Haiqiang, Liu Weicheng, Zong Xianyi, Miao Yuanzhi, He Cui, Liu Xiang, Zhang Shengnan

    Outstanding Employees-Lin Qianwen, Wang Liping, Li Qiang, Liu Yuhai, Lu Xuezhi, Yang Kun, Duan Mengmeng

    Outstanding Employees-Tian Hongzhou, Zhou Xiaoqiang, Han Yongqiang, Li Haimin, Liu Weijing, Li Xiuli, Zhang Legang


    Excellent teams-No.1 factory oxidation class 2 (monitor Niu Xiaokun), No.1 factory extrusion class 6 (monitor Lu Yanliang), No.1 factory packaging class 1 (monitor Cui Changliang), No.2 factory oxidation class 1 slot surface (monitor Chu Xingda), No.2 factory extrusion class 9 class a (monitor Zhang Zhidong), No.2 factory extrusion class 7 class B (monitor sun binzuo), No.2 factory vertical spray platoon (monitor yu Tao)

    Excellent departments-second plant wood grain workshop, second plant oxidation workshop, finance department, second plant finished product warehouse, first plant finished product warehouse, human resources department

    Best Individual Award

    Best Packers-Xin Xia, Best Starter-Ren Yongqiang

    Best Polisher-Zhang Guangwei, Best Technical Expert-Zhang Bin

    The best craftsman-Zeng Qingshuai, the best machine operator-Mou Shuijun.

    Best Rolling Worker-Sun Hua

    Best Attendance Staff-Yang Huajin, Song Yunpeng, Yuan Wenbo

    Model Couple-Li Chongqing, Zheng Gongxiang, Liu Yan, Duan Shengqiang, Liu Yanling, Hao Jitao, Sun Xia, Ming Chunyong, Wang Fengqin, Zhang Zhaoye

    Representative of excellent squad leaderNiu Xiaokun, monitor of the second class of oxidation in the first factory, made a speech.

    Outstanding employees spoke on behalf of Wang Guangcai in the packaging workshop of No.2 Factory.


    Pan Xuefu, Executive Vice President of the Company, read out the "Weifang Guanghua Aluminum Co., Ltd. 2019 Sales Business Staff Reward Measures" and presented the award.

    Second factory salesSale1Department Manager Zhang Ming made a speech

    "New Era, New Guanghua, New Leap" Theme Annual Meeting Activities.

    Feng Guokai, director of the general manager's office, presided over the meeting and arranged the relevant work before and after the Spring Festival.

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